About Mari


Jikiden Reiki Shihan Mari Hall is a professor and Doctor of Education in Social Services and also holds an honorary doctorate in theology.

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Equine & Animal Treatment


Horses and all other animals are spiritual beings; like us, they have social/companionship needs, they grieve, and they love and care for each other and you. It is this aspect of your horse or animal that Reiki nurtures and heals. As with people, when you heal the spirit, the act of healing ripples out to the mental, emotion, and physical parts of the animal as well.

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Houston Reiki Services


Reiki works by assisting to reduce stress and induce relaxation, which in turn may create an environment within our body, mind, and spirit where healing may more easily be facilitated. Mari specializes in working with people of all ages, utilizing Reiki for general wellness, stress reduction, specific illness, and pain and/or emotional and psychological issues.

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