2013 Usui Retreat

Welcome to the 2013 Usui Retreat and hello from your fellow traveler Frank Arjava Petter.

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Another eventful year has passed in which we all learned valuable lessons and unlearned some things that made us suffer unnecessarily. Confronted with our selves in every moment of life we found and lost our selves over and over again and in the process. This seems to be what life is: a constant movement between the poles in which gain and loss play with each other like the surf with the shore. Ultimately a dualistic view does not help at all, because it tends to value this and exclude that. And exclusion is the messenger of suffering. Therefore it is perhaps helpful to nourish a basic attitude of wholeness.

Before Usui Sensei began to teach what we know of as Reiki, he spent three years in a Zen monastery somewhere in Kyoto, Japan. Like the rest of us, he was longing for oneness with the Universe; He must have been dreaming of the dissolution of duality and of death of the seemingly separate ego. He was certain that the “I” is the root of all the pain in the world and in our hearts and was searching for Anjin Ryumei (enlightenment), the solution of all suffering.

When his search seemed to have failed, he asked his teacher what to do, and he told him that he had to die. Usui Sensei took this literally and went to Mount Kurama in the North of Kyoto to fast unto death. This seems to be a severe thing to do, but thanks to his utmost devotion towards liberation we now hold his legacy in our hands: Reiki…

After having experienced Oneness he broke off his fast and set out to put his experience into action. By trial and error he came up with what he called “Shoufuku no hihoo, manbyo no reiyaku”: The secret art of (inviting) happiness and the spiritual medicine for all illness.

Let us share this happiness and transcendence now in honor of his birthday and lets allow the blessings of the Universe to shower upon us. They always do… and it only takes a little mindfulness and some minor adjustments to become aware of the miracle that is our innermost reality.

The theme of this year’s retreat shall be compassion, the final flowering of spirituality. In Japanese Buddhism, which belongs almost exclusively to Mahayana Buddhism, the potential and ultimate goal of every human being is that of a Bodhisattva, a Buddha in seed. In short, a Bodhisattva is one who dedicates his enlightenment to the World, to humankind, to the environment and to every moment of life.

  • Do you see the beauty in this?
  • Do you feel the silence and benediction in this concept? Yes… let it cleanse your heart…

Perhaps it may be helpful to see this flowering not as a stagnant state to be arrived at but as a fluid, never ending process.

Bodhisattva-hood is nothing special, nothing personal and nothing to make an ego trip about: it is your nature. Sooner or later you will remember it. Let us do some exercises over the coming three weeks to refresh our memory.


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