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Mari Hall, American Reiki Master

Mari is the co-founder/facilitator of the yearly 21-day Virtual Usui Sensei Retreat…. She was one of the first Masters of Reiki to bring Reiki to the UK, and the first to teach Reiki in Norway and Czechoslovakia. Mari has taught Reiki to over 50,000 people worldwide, and she is a highly respected figure in the wider Reiki community.

As the founding director of the International Association of Reiki (est.1989), Mari has greatly influenced both the development of Reiki as a professional practice and the standards for its teaching; this can clearly be seen in her active work with the International Board of Complementary Medicine for the standardization of teaching and the professional practice of Reiki within the European Union.

Mari is a coach, mentor, and motivational speaker who inspires people to reawaken their spirit and values in their personal and professional lives. Her passion is for people to connect to their inner peace and through creative resolution take this out into the world. The late President Vaclav Havel of the Czech Republic recognized this work when Mari was nominated for the prestigious Heart of the Country award, which is the Czech equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Most recently, Mari has been introducing her new passion: Jikiden Reiki (direct teaching). Mari found Jikiden Reiki in Bogata, Columbia in 2007 when she went there to present techniques that she developed using Reiki to help with brain and motor neurological problems and muscle memory. While there she met Tadao Yamaguchi, the son of Chiyoko Yamaguchi who as a young girl had studied with Chujiro Hayashi, the last Shihan (Teacher) that Usui Sensei had taught before his death.

Mari began studying Jikiden Reiki with Tadao Yamaguchi and Arjava Petter in Bogotá that year, and has been Arjava’s US coordinator for his Jikiden classes in the United States since then. She is now a Shihan (Teacher). You can read more of Mari’s inspiring story by clicking on the link below entitled Reiki: An Adventure for Life.

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Mari Hall’s Reiki books are international best sellers: