Equine & Animal Treatment


I have had the pleasure of working with many animals using Reiki. When I was in the Czech Republic I was often asked to work on the animals at the Northern Bohemia Regional Zoo. In many other countries I worked with horses, cows, and sheep, not to mention cats and dogs.  Animals are very receptive to Reiki. Pets will generally warm up to a Reiki practitioner more quickly than they would with other strangers. Yet Reiki cannot be forced onto a pet. If an animal is uncomfortable with the treatment or simply doesn’t want it, he or she will let the practitioner know it, usually by walking away. Because Reiki is so accepted by animals, it is a great complement to traditional veterinary medicine. For this reason, I have had several veterinarians in my Reiki classes.

Little bird resting in the girl's handThe cat in the photo above is receiving the Reiki energy and is still inquisitive. Like many animals receiving Reiki, it is more than likely that this cat would go to sleep soon.

The nicest aspect about the bird sitting on the hand giving it Reiki in the picture to the right is that the bird is free to fly, yet it is sitting there accepting the energy—there is no fear.

Through Reiki energy work on your horse and/or your other animals, we open a channel to reveal:

  • How deeply your horse and animals can reflect your state of being.
  • How your mental and emotional well-being can show up in your horse and animals.

Each session offers:

  • Physical and behavioral healing for your horse and/or animals.
  • Profound insight, enabling awareness and healing for you.

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