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Jikiden Shoden or Okuden Courses

Jikiden Shoden and Okuden Course

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Shoden Course

Okuden Course

Shoden & Okuden Course

Shoden Refresher Course

Okuden Refresher Course

Shoden & Okuden Refresher Course

Shihan Kaku in full Course

Prerequisite for Shihan Kaku
You will need to write a one-page letter to the Institute describing why you want to become a Shihan-Kaku. You will also need to complete 120 hours of treatments on at least 40 different clients (not including distant Reiki, pets, etc.). It is best to record the treatments using the treatment form issued during your Shoden/Okuden class. Send all of the documentation electronically to the Institute through Mari.

Note: Shihan-Kaku students must review Shoden, Okuden & Shihan-Kaku with the same teacher teaching Shihan-Kaku.

Refresher Course of Shihan Kaku Training (including Shoden & Okuden review) $550.00

Full Shihan Kaku Refresher Course

Shihan Kaku Only Refresher Course

Shihan Full Course

Prerequisite for Shihan – You must have taught Shoden to a minimum of 10 people in no less than 5 courses and have written feedback from your students to turn in to Arjava. Write to Arjava through Mari asking to take the Shihan course in CT.

Refresher Course of Shihan Training only (including Shoden, Okuden and Shihan-Kaku.) $875.00

Full Shoden Refresher Course

Shihan Refresher Course

Shihan Only Refresher Course

Deposits must be paid by check or cash. All payments must be received by 3/1/15.
Earlybird discounts given to those who pay their course fees by cash or check & when their full payment is received no later than 3/1/15. Deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable.
“Reviewers” are if space is available, 1st-reserved, and after 1st-time students. All review only course fees are payable in cash or by check only.
After Shoden and Okuden, there is a 6-mo. waiting period before registering for Shihan-Kaku (Students must review Shoden and Okuden with the same teacher teaching Shihan-Kaku.). After Sihan-Kaku, there is a 6-mo. waiting period before registering for Shihan (Students must review Shoden, Okuden and Shihan-Kaku with the same teacher teaching Shihan.). Class pre-requisites listed separately.

* includes DVD used in teaching.