How Did the Usui Sensei Retreat Start?

Mari Hall, the hostess of the Usui Sensei 21 Day Retreat, welcomes you to the virtual Reiki Retreat space for

healing, harmony, and spiritual development.

Welcome to the Home Page for the Usui Sensei 21-Day Retreat, a place for reflection and for envisioning wellness through the practice of Reiki, The Usui System of Natural Healing. Douglas Morris, janeAnne, and Mari Hall opened the Retreat in December 1996 with the intent of letting it bloom as it would. The idea of “The Usui Retreat” was developed from a seed or an ovum. It was an idea janeAnne had and shared with Songbird, Douglas, and Mari, thus giving this egg (idea) the opportunity of realized potential. Songbird said “Go for it!” I will be in the background chirping away, singing the news of the baby in waiting.” It was the first impulse of creation.

The three of us, coming from different backgrounds but with a shared passion about Reiki and the process of bringing people together, decided to BIRTH the idea in the only forum we knew of that would reach many people at the same time—the Internet. We used our strengths to create the first form together. Douglas, having the strength of computer knowledge and space on his website, janeAnne with her amazing way of writing, and Mari with her organizational skills became the parents of the Usui Sensei retreat—and we experienced quite normal growing pains along the way. We all looked at and discussed the progress of our baby. It was our baby at that time even though the original egg came from janeAnne. We fertilized it and together we created our baby and birthed it. It had a form that we nourished…we wanted to give more support to the community.

At a point in the maturation of our Child “The Usui Retreat,” Douglas decided to leave the child with us and create his own forum and as far as we could tell he is still in the creation stage: he has his studies, he has married and adopted a boy from the third world, and continues on the many avenues of involvement that have taken his attention. So then we were two. However we continued to honor all the people involved and the experiences of all the Usui Sensei retreats—both its growing pains and joys.

What started as a small gathering of Reiki practitioners (maybe a hundred or so) joining in a time of quiet mindfulness has grown to thousands of people. During the past few years, we have shared guided meditations and Retreat notes, and have corresponded back and forth about the Retreat.

The vision continues to offer a special space for Reiki practitioners to follow in the footsteps of Usui Sensei, who set the example for the Retreat when he sojourned alone, going deeply within himself for inspiration and understanding.

From 2002 to 2005 we were joined by Rev. Vic Fuhrman, MSC, RM. He graciously added the beautiful meditations for each Retreat until he married and his priorities changed. In 2004 janeAnne decided to leave the Retreat in my hands as she pursued her career in North Carolina. All the people involved have used their creative energy, intention, and love and have left their imprint on the Usui Sensei Retreat. I honor each and every one of their contributions.

How the Retreat Works

The Usui Sensei 21-Day Retreat is simple and flexible. Reiki practitioners can participate in this Retreat fully or partially, as they are comfortable. It is not necessary to spend the entire 21-days in fast and meditation, nor is it necessary to do this for a full day. Some people find that 10 minutes a day is a way to connect with inner guidance and wisdom and that this works well for them.

Practitioners can join in the Retreat from their homes, offices, and centers and can meet with their Reiki Circles to enjoy the Retreat. During the Retreat, generally we do not connect online.

The intent is to be able to be in quiet reflection, meditation, or prayer. Reiki is the focusing tool for this experience in which a way is cleared for balance and healing in our lives and in the lives of others. There is a special interest in Reiki in Absentia at this time. Some Retreat practitioners, who work for wellness of the planet, find this an excellent time for Reiki sessions for the highest good of all concerned.

How you decide to join with the Retreat, whether in solitude or not, I welcome you!

Retreat Calendar

Since the first Retreat in December 1996 until June 21, 2008 there was a Retreat every half-year starting on the solstices, June 21 and December 21.

Now we set aside the date of Usui Sensei’s birthday, August 15th, as the start of the Retreat and hope you will set aside this time too. Please join us full-time, part-time, or any time during this virtual retreat.

Please contact us to be added to the newsletter and membership roster for the next Usui Sensei 21-Day Retreat.