IAR: Vision, Philosophy, and Purpose

We are an association of people that have been initiated into Reiki. We are part of the worldwide Reiki community. Our vision is to use Reiki for the promotion of world peace. We realize that we start with ourselves first for the promotion of inner peace and harmony, then our purpose is to take Reiki to our family, friends, and into our community.

Our Values and Philosophy

All people who have been initiated into Reiki are welcome to join our association. The members of the association honor the spiritual lineage of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, and Hawayo Takata as well as Usui Sensei’s Five Reiki Principles. It is our desire to fully embody these principles in everything that we do.

It is our commitment to make decisions drawn from the wisdom of past experiences while keeping in mind their effects on our future generations—to use all of our life experiences, both positive and negative, to heal and grow and to be clear and honest and to act from a place of integrity when we both think and speak. We resolve to respect each individual’s personal journey and the rights of others to form their own values and beliefs. We encourage all individuals to speak their truth without judgment or blame. If we find any prejudice in ourselves, we will replace it with respect and love while maintaining compassion for those who have make other choices. We also commit to taking personal responsibility for all our actions and life situations. We remain open for results that are for the highest good of all by relinquishing all attachment to any expected outcome.

We actively work to establish and maintain standards for the teaching and professional practice of Reiki in our communities and in the world. We work and contribute our skills with compassion, integrity, and in a professional manner mindful of our inner and outer environment.

What Reiki means for us as the International Association of Reiki

As an association of people in Reiki we are grateful for the collective wisdom of the Reiki community.
Through our practice of Reiki we come into a space of constant surrender.
We realize in this space of surrender that Reiki is a living evolutionary process.
Reiki brings us into a deeper understanding of our communities, our world, and ourselves.
Reiki constantly teaches us; we listen and respond with love.

The International Association of Reiki’s Purpose 

• To encourage people to deepen their personal experience of themselves
• To create instruction manuals for the use in all courses taught through the association
• To establish and maintain standards for the teaching and professional practice of Reiki
• To certify students, professionals, and Shihan
• To encourage the establishment of organized Reiki support groups where people can give and receive Reiki treatments
• To encourage students to grow in their individual practice of Reiki
• To encourage people to deepen their practice of Reiki.
• To encourage professional practitioners to maintain the standards of Reiki in their individual practices
• To resource new information about Reiki and to develop new techniques to use with Reiki
• To openly acknowledge the value provided by all Reiki practitioners and teachers regardless of their affiliation
• To promote the friendly cooperation between all Reiki practitioners and teachers towards the goal of healing the planet and ourselves with    the use of Reiki
• To foster the Reiki community locally, nationally, and internationally
• To provide information about Reiki to members of the association and the wider community