International Association of Reiki


The International Association of Reiki was relocated to Houston, Texas from Europe in 2004. Mari Hall, an American Reiki Master, founded the association in 1989 from her vision of world peace and unity. She was guided to bring the message of Reiki to the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, The Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Norway, Cyprus, France, Canada, Greece, Australia, and various states in North America. She is dedicated to the loving message that Reiki brings.

There is a feeling of family that is experienced in Reiki seminars as barriers drop. Hearts unite and all enjoy shared moments of experiencing the loving energy of Reiki. There are over 50,000 students throughout the world that have been taught Reiki by Mari. Many of them are members of the International Association of Reiki; as members they demonstrate their commitment to the use of Reiki in the promotion of world peace. There are many organized groups that come together throughout the world to share and practice their Reiki. It gives like-hearted people the chance to remain connected to the supporting energy of Reiki and the Reiki family.

Mari’s belief has always been that the center for Reiki is in the hearts of each individual student. Each person is unique and important to the whole. Organizing groups empower the individuals involved to create and explore their own uniqueness and how they create a whole effect not only in the group, but also in their families, communities, and the world. By taking the emphasis off Mari it empowers the students to be responsible for themselves and their own growth; thereby balance is created. “For we are all equal and members of the same family.”

Mari always welcomes the opportunity to be in touch with her students and is available to meet them or respond to their letters, which she answers personally. There is also the chance to get together at regional meetings or on other courses that she leads to support the “awakened spirit.” A newsletter is published through the Wisechoices webpages once a month.

In 1998 the form and standards for the teaching and professional practice of Reiki that were written by Mari and are used by the International Association of Reiki were accepted for affiliation to the Institute For Complementary Medicine. Mari was made a member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners and appointed as special advisor to the board of the British Council for Complementary Medicine for Reiki.

Her vision for the future is that Reiki will be in every home as the most natural dynamic among people.

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