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Jikiden Reiki Courses with Arjava

Arjava Sensei has been teaching Reiki since 1993 but his deeper and internationally celebrated involvement with Reiki began when he “discovered” the grave and memorial of Reiki founder Mikao Usui in Tokyo and many original documents by Usui Sensei and his students. Because of his unique connection to Reiki history, Arjava Sensei teaches the Jikiden seminars in five days, integrating information from his seven worldwide bestselling books about Reiki’s origins. When is not teaching worldwide he spends his days writing inspirational texts and fiction to be published in the near future. Arjava Sensei is the Vice-Chairman of The Jikiden Reiki® Institute in Kyoto, Japan.

All Jikiden courses taught by Arjava Sensei are accredited by the Japanese Jikiden Reiki® Institute in Kyoto, Japan. You will receive your certificates directly from Japan.

Arjava Reiki BookIt’s a Love Song to Reiki! This is how Arjava refers to his newest book about Reiki, This is Reiki: Transformation of Body, Mind and Soul – From the Origins to the Practice. Much of what he discusses in the 5 days in the Shoden and Okuden classes is in this book including many of the photographs he shows us. It is highly recommended for every Reiki student to read.

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