Spiritual Numerology

Using Spiritual Numerology gives you the opportunity to look at how the vibration of your numbers from your birthdate relate to each other when placed on a 5-pointed star. This 5-pointed star represents you, a man or woman who is learning through the emotional basis on earth.

A personal session with Mari lasts approximately one hour. These are normally booked when she is in a country/city teaching. Private consultations can be arranged with her organizers. During this time you can also look at how you and a significant other relate to each other; or how you and your children relate to each other and to you.

If you are interested, your numerology can also be worked up in advance and you can then meet Mari in her home in Houston, TX. Mari is also available to do a session over Skype with you. Contact Mari directly to schedule an appointment. 832-282-4454 or Mari@marihall.com

Needs for Spiritual Numerology Reading:

  • Person’s full name
  • Date of birth
  • Relationship to you of each additional person

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What some people have said about their readings with Mari

“When Mari was in Thessalonica, Greece, we arranged for her to do a Spiritual Numerology reading for my wife and me. We were amazed at the depth she was able to reach with us. Part of the reading included our relationship with each other and that of our children. It helped us to understand where our strengths lay as a couple and how we can better support our children’s growth emotionally and physically. And I finally understand and appreciate how much my wife has brought to me but also to our marriage; she is truly my partner in life.” ~ D.A. Greece


“I thought I would come along with my friend to hear her reading with Mari…I was so absorbed with what Mari told her I immediately asked for an appointment of my own. She took so much time to answer all the questions I had. I have been so happy to find how I can make simple choices to live my life in a way that supports my basic essence. I know what I came here to do and that was to return to love. It certainly has filled in a lot of blanks in my life. I highly recommend it.” ~M.W. Ireland


“I didn’t manage to get an appointment when Mari was in Buffalo so I asked for a reading to be sent to me from the Mari Hall website. I gave her the information she asked for about my twin sons and myself. I was so delighted when she sent me back a report on each of us. Where most people will say twins have the same numerical vibration she showed me each boy’s specials gifts and how I can help them as they grow.  Then she made a family tree out of our numbers and we could see where are strengths are as a family and what we need to do to strengthen weaker areas. Next time I will make an appointment to be with her in-person just because being with her is such a special, loving experience and we change year by year. Thank Mari you did an outstanding job.” ~ R.B. Niagara on the Lake, Canada