Original Usui Sensei Manual

Mikao Usui’s original class booklet – “Usui Reiki Hikkei

Rick Rivard with Threshold Reiki states that “Since 1998, copies of Mikao Usui’s original class booklet—Usui Reiki Hikkei—have been given to some Reiki Masters in the West. In 1999, I received a copy from Darlene Simmons who had been gifted it by her student, Akihiko Uechi.  I learned that around that time the booklet was also being sold on the internet for $300.  The booklet is not very large—about 64 pages—but it contains a section on questions and answers (seemingly from an interview) and other sections on hand positions (from Dr. Hayashi’s original version of his Healing Guide), the Gainen (Usui principles), and some Waka poetry (from the Meiji emperor). The booklet breakdown is as follows:

Page 1. The Five Principles.
Page 2–22. Usui Sensei’s own Questions & Answers (which appear to be from an interview)
Page 23–42.   Hand positions for different ailments (created by Dr. Hayashi)
Page 43+. 120 Gyosei – Meiji Poetry (often recited or sung in meditations for inspiration)

There is another booklet used by the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (the original Reiki society) called Reiki Ryoho no Shiori. It contains many healing techniques, but it is now only given out to the high ranking society members. According to Hirsohi Doi (a Gakkai member) it is no longer part of the Gakkai teachings.  Thus it was allowed to be presented to the West in 1999 by Doi Sensei in a series of workshops that came to be called Usui Reiki Ryoho International.”

Translation of the Usui Reiki Hikkei 
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For some time I had known about the class booklet that Usui Sensei gave to his students, and I had always wondered what it contained. So in the fall of 1998, it was inspiring to read part of it in F. Arjava Petter’s book Reiki: The Legacy of Dr. Usui.

In June 1999 I gratefully received a Japanese copy from Akihiko Uechi, who had obtained this in Japan. As with the Usui Memorial translation, I felt a literal translation of this book might prove useful for Reiki practitioners and provide an interesting comparison to Arjava’s fine work. I wanted to make this guide available to all Reiki practitioners, mainly because it is one work of Usui Sensei’s that we can all share at any Reiki level.

During translation we discovered that Usui Sensei’s section on the Method of Healing Guide was indeed very similar to the Healing Guide that Dr. Hayashi shared years later with Mrs. Takata, which has been translated by a few from the West.

In August 1999 at a Japanese Reiki seminar here in Vancouver, Arjava told me he had put together a complete, illustrated book, The Original Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui. Just like his previous books, I found this version to be well-presented and very interesting to have as a comparison of translation styles. While this book contains mainly the Healing Guide table, the rest of the translated Hikkei may be found in Arjava’s second book, Reiki, the Legacy of Dr. Usui.

The translation here is from a copy that the former Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai head, the late Mrs. Kimiko Koyama, handed out to her students. I added the lines that read “Page 01″ to indicate from which page in the 68-page document the translation refers to,”Page 00″ being the table of contents page. While the Gyosei section was still in progress, I decided to share the first three completed sections at that point. Near the end, I added in the complete Precepts [Principles] and a copy of the Hatsurei ho meditation as this seemed to be a common addition when the Gyosei and Precepts [Principles] were spoken.