Reiki for Common Ailments – Excerpt

ISBN 0-7499-2066-1

ISBN 0-7499-2066-1

Mari Hall, Piatkus Books 1999

The Human Body and Systems

The human body is by far one of the grandest pieces of architecture known. Human life begins by the fusion of two single cells, one from each parent, which contain the architectural blue print for human growth and development. The cells themselves are far more complex than that. They contain not only the blueprint, but also the foundations of life itself, that is life far more than the human being; it is life of the universe, of community, and of the essence of the creator. Thus, energy is the divine spark that awakens the cells to come to life. It is the breath of God within us that creates, nourishes, maintains and supports life. The cell is the single, basic unit of life. As cells reproduce and divide they begin to adopt specialized characteristics. Groups of cells, which combine together with like cells, are called tissues. Tissues also take on specialized tasks. They too join with similar functioning tissues to form organs. Organs have a defined set of functions to carry out. A group of organs, which have similar goals or functions, are called systems. The various systems of the body work inter-dependently to form the human body, or the human being. Human beings though are far greater than the sum of their simple yet complex components.

We are one in the ebb and flow of all that is. The chakras thus are the power or the anatomy of the divine energy if you like. They are the energy equivalent of the body systems.

The Chakra System

The physically based chakras. The first three chakras are our physically based chakras. It is the foundation we build and stand on and has everything to do with our physical reality. This is the start of our movement energetically into life and of defining who we are, whom we must be in order to survive in the world and how do actualize our decisions.

The Root chakra (Muladhara) governs the gonads and adrenal glands. It represents our basic condition of our survival, all the fear, guilt and anxiety which actually is the ground from which we move out into life. A focus of our root chakra is our willingness to be grounded. The lure of materialism and self-obsession develop here. This chakra develops when we are still in our mother’s womb and has to do with our primary relationship. It governs the legs, movement into life and issues with our mothers.

The Sacral chakra (Svadhistana) governs our reproductive system, ovaries and gonads and is our creative and procreative center. This chakra harmonizes our male and female energy. Our passion is carried from this area. Out of this chakra comes the fire that our imagination uses to actualize what we want, and the blind urgency for things that give us pleasure. It is also where we resist change and/ or become spontaneous. This is the center for our secondary relationships, father, teachers, friends and intimate partners.

The Solar Plexus chakra (Mani Pura) governs the adrenal glands and is the “ME” center, as it is the beginning of our development with truly human qualities rather than the base energy of the first and second chakra. It is the center of our ego and our need to define ourselves as individuals. It is the center that is most actualized at puberty. This is where we come into harmony with issues of power. This is power from our personal truths and strengths not power over someone or something. Will we be powerful people who empower others or be victims or oppressors in life?

The Heart Chakra (Anahata) governs the thymus gland and is the bridge between our physical and spiritual energy. It is the place for love and compassion. It is the love others, our world, environment and ourselves. Compassion comes from an experiential understanding that we are all family and walk in harmony together. This is called oneness. To be compassionate is also being detached from the outcome. Attachment is ego centered. To be willing to be the instrument for the Creator allows a freedom for others. It is holding the space for others to have their own realization. Our individual transformational work is to love and be compassionate with ourselves. This center is normally more activated in our thirties and lasts into our fifties depending on how well we have cleared past issues from our physical energy. It is a time to be more involved in community. We see the bigger picture of life because we are experiencing the true expression of our individual experience and the unity with others.

The Spiritual Centers are:

The Throat Chakra (Vishudda) governs the thyroid and parathyroid glands and is the center for trust and communication. We develop the ability to discriminate between realization and understanding. We Trust our own deepest insight, trust others, and communicate what is true for us. This center works with the heart center to actualize us in the greater world. We must trust to be able to be involved, to come away from our self-absorbing thoughts, and reach out towards others. Therefore the key word for this center is trust.

The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) governs the pituitary gland and is the center of our inner wisdom and intuition, when we are sourced by higher energy, our higher self and can also live in a world with hope. This center is part of our final stage of life when we come away from attachment to the material aspects of life. Certainly we may have them but we also realize we do not need them to be who we are. This is where idea and imagination take hold and what we realize by creating with our second chakra. Dare to dream and you will create. The key word for this center is hope.

The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) governs the pineal gland and is our association to higher forms of energy. It is where we begin to be inspired to live. It is the crowning of our spiritual nature and energy. The key word for this center is faith.

The task in our lives is to bring our spiritual energy into the physical body. When we have the faith to live, hope to dream and be guided and the trust to bring what we know as spiritual beings through the heart of compassion and love this happens. Faith, hope, trust and love give birth to our physical selves. We then are the lights of the Creative essence who physically walk on the ground having created ourselves as powerful people who inspire others to their majesty. It is a process of remembering our divinity.
The soul’s light, the higher vibration of the infinite travels through the body and is stepped down to a denser energy through the chakras and the endocrine system, which governs the body functions. Therefore the endocrine system takes the energy of the chakras and refines it to support the physical body.

The Endocrine System from a Metaphysical Perspective

The endocrine system corresponds to the chakras. Each chakra corresponds to an endocrine gland. The endocrine glands are remarkable from other glands because their secretions are so powerful that they maintain a specific balance of forces throughout the entire body. If these glands become out of balance our moods, behavior, and ability to handle things change as a result.

The Pineal gland is involved with the perception of light. It produces melanin that actually translates one form of energy to another. It is the link between mind and matter. Through the pineal gland we are connected to the infinite.

The Pituitary gland is the guide of the endocrine system, our development and physiological balance is dependent on this gland. It maintains all aspects of our growth and is connected to puberty, fertility and feminine issues.

The Thyroid and Parathyroid glands maintain our metabolic rate and breathing. The in breath not only brings air into our lungs but metaphysically it brings our soul light into the physical body.

The Thymus gland is connected with our ability to sleep and the formation of T-cells, which are essential for a healthy immune system.

The Adrenal glands are situated above the kidneys. This hormone enables us to deal with debilitating and stressful emotions in ourselves and in relation to others. They are essential for the maintenance of blood sugar and blood pressure. They also act as a bridge between what may be seen as the public and private parts of us. The chest is a public aspect and the abdomen is private.

The Gonads are found in the ovaries of the female and the testicles of the male. This energy insures our continuation through reproduction. It is the grounding of our spiritual vibration, thus the end of the higher spiritual energy’s journey into the physical body and the beginning of our rebirth in to the spiritual realm.

Therefore, from an allopathic and natural healing perspective disease and illness occurs when one or more organs, or systems, do not carry out the function that they are specified to do.