Annual Usui Sensei Retreat

Dr. Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui

You are invited to join with other Reiki practitioners this August 16, 2014 to celebrate Usui Sensei’s birthday in the Usui 21-Day Retreat that starts at that time.

More Info:

This Retreat is not limited to one location, but takes place wherever you may be. It lasts for 21 days during which time we (mutually) intend that the highest good of all concerned will be served, and that our community experience will generate a deep, very nurturing ocean of shared Reiki.

Please join the Retreat by following an example set by Usui Sensei. It is our plan to set aside time to reflect, open our minds and hearts to fresh outlooks on life, and look deeply within to discover balance and wellness.

During these 21 days, with your intention always focused on the highest good of all concerned, you may wish to meditate and pray at home (or wherever you may be) and to share Reiki in Absentia with the consent of others in this Retreat. You may wish to plan self-treatment sessions every day during the Retreat, or offer Reiki to others in your community or Reiki Circle.

Some Reiki practitioners work for restoring balance to our planet. This 21-day period supports this work by providing space for sharing that practice with others.

Mari is the longtime hostess of the Usui 21-Day Retreat and is looking forward to sharing this 21-Day Reiki healing space with you.

If you have been previously participating and have received the letters then there is NOTHING to do. If you want to join us for the first time please sign up for the newsletter HEREYour name will be added to the Retreat announcement list, and you will be notified when the Retreat will begin.

Mari will mail out a few announcements each year.

Feel free to share this invitation with your friends online or print this and share with people in your community.

Reiki Blessings and Love,