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The Wonder of Reiki

What is True?

The other day I had a conversation with Kristine Eiting. Kristine is a high-powered executive who lives in Ohio. She was my Jikiden Reiki student and we both have done the "More To Life" program. We have common ground to stand on.

Kristine called to check on me and see how I was feeling. We have one of those relationships that picks up where it leaves off. We understand and support one another even to the point of being willing to give each other BOLD support.

That's a good thing because, as I was explaining what was going on with my body, she asked me, "How does that thought you have about your body actually FEEL, and where is that feeling in your body?" I stopped in mid-sentence, took a deep breath and answered, "It feel terrible," I said. "I am sad because I think I am being erased. Pretty soon, I even may disappear. I can see in my mind the rubber tip on the pencil that is erasing me! I am scared." I answered her as tears welled up in my eyes and ran down my cheeks, "The feeling is in my throat and stomach."

Within a few moments of gentle processing using a technique we learned in the "More To Life Program," I reached a conclusion. By verifying what I had said, I came to understand that "being gone" meant I had no reason to exist. I was feeling that I would never make a difference, that I was worthless. There was that startling conclusion: I may as well be dead.

These are fear-based false statements made in a mind that is responding to chronic pain. We all have that very reactionary mind. It can be a friend and a foe. When we are paying attention and verifying the self-talk it can tell us the truth about ourselves, others, and the world-at-large.

Kristine asked me, "Mari, what is true about those statements? Is it true that when you lose the feeling in your body you are being erased?" No! The only truth was that much of my body had lost more feeling, and that I was in fear of the future. Deep breath! Already my body felt lighter and I was not so tired.

Later in that evening I experienced life in a new way. The accusations and judgments had faded. In fact, there were no negative words to hear or frightening pictures to see in my mind. There was silence.

I am reminded today that simply surrendering to life produces a similar effect. Surrender offers the gift of letting go, of giving up the need to demand or expect certain outcomes. Just for today, let it BE. But, this new silence felt like more than that to me. It was as if it were all-encompassing. I was everything and yet nothing. I was the finite and the infinite. It was an "I AM" moment where there are no questions or answers.

Here was a new level of awakening. Is there another level? I don't know. What is important to me is that - in this moment- I choose to embrace the moment, let go, and live free.

"Going within" is "listening to the silence of your heart." Here, you and I may discover a bright and beautiful awareness. I believe that our True Self lives within that awareness. Without thought. Without borders. And with an inner vastness where the presence of love and peace can thrive.

I wish all this and more for you today.

Love, Mari